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    Vika intelligent technology is a leading manufacturer of recordable optical disc which concentrate on research and technology development. We have more than 36, 000 m2 workshop and dormitory. We have more than 200 employees with 20 senior R&D specialists, this professional team has more than 10 years R&D experience in different industrial aspects. ISDM always provide best service to all customers and gains good reputation in the worldwide market.Our R&D team concentrates not only optical disc development but also involving in touch panel and big capacity blu-ray storage system recently. We got excellent achievement other than optical disc industry.
VIKA Organization Chart

    Vika intelligent technology obtained more than 20 technology patents. We strive to become one of the biggest and well established recordable optical disc manufacturers in China.
    Inheriting excellence, create a better future.‘customer oriented’ – to provide the best customer service is our company mission. Vika continues our product development; we bring the advanced technology, innovated design and product to customer. Staff training is important in our company to ensure high level of customer service will be provided. These all help Vika to position our brand and product into international. In future, Vika will keep our track to perform sustainable technology research and product development, to enhance our brand and reputation in global market.

Zhongshan Office and Plant

Hong Kong Office

1. Licensee of Philips

2. Licensee of FLLC

3. Member of BD Association

4. Media MID code is recognized by major drives in the market.

Some patents as follow:
200920264929X      耐高溫的光碟託盤裝置
2009202653204      靜電高壓式光碟粘合機械臂裝置
2009202659681      光碟中心定位的塗布託盤裝置
2009202659770      光碟中心定位調節的託盤裝置
201420725857.5     应用于光盘库中的新型光盘架
201420725911.6     一种新型光盘仓