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INFO BANK - BDR Optical Disc Library

Info Bank i560 

Info Bank i105


Info Bank i560 and i105 Specification

Model i560 i105
Dimension 515mm(W)×1950mm(H)×650mm(L) 260mm(W)×630mm(H)×630mm(L)
Weight Net weight: 150kg
(Without disc magazine)
Net weight: 50kg
(Without disc magazine)
Rated voltage AC 220V    DC 24V (±5%) AC 220V    DC 24V (±5%)
Working current Working:0.5A     Standby:0.23A Working:0.3A    Standby:0.14A
Standby power consumption 50W 30W
Interface RJ45/SAS RJ45/SAS
Available storage medium Disc magazine Disc magazine
Maximum optical disc magazine 16 3
Maximum optical disc quantity 560 105
Maximum optical drive quantity 6 6
Maximum capacity 25G BD: 14TB   
50G BD: 28TB
25G BD: 2.56TB   
50G BD: 5.13TB
Working ambient temperature 10°C~40°C 10°C~40°C
Working ambient humidity 20%~95%RH 20%~95%RH

The challenges in the era of big data

 How to store data to fulfill the following requirement in the era of big data ?

Blu-ray disc Advantages

Blu-ray disc has many advantages to cover the challenges in the era of big data.

ISDM's BDR Optical Disc Library

Info Source has more than 20 years on the optical disc storage and automatic industries respectively. We understand the trend of the high demand of data storage solution. With our strong technical team, we have developed the “INFO BANK” system which is the product designed for storage inactive data (Cold Data) of the enterprise with reasonable long-term running cost.

Blu-ray disc library is reliable mechatronic storage device designed for long term big capacity data storage.
 Since 80% of data is used rarely in routine, which calls inactive data or “cold data, blu-ray disc library is a good solution for “cold data” with several application advantages as mentioned.



  • Archive management in Government Departments, Public Association, Research Institutions and Universities 
  • Invoice management in Banking and Insurance
  • Invoice management in Department of Commerce and Tax
  • Data storage in Oil, Power enterprise
  • Data storage in Data Center, Telecommunication industry
  • Media resource storage in Film and TV industry
  • Archive storage in Health Care industry
  • Digital storage in Library and Cultural industry

Cold Data Archive & Retrieve Solution